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Bobby Hero Anti-Theft Bag XL (Dark Blue/ Dark Blue)


Bobby Hero Anti-Theft Bag XL (Black/Black)

Bobby Hero Anti-Theft Bag XL (Grey/Black)


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The Bobby Hero line is our new generation of anti-theft backpacks. This new model helps you to always travel safely, carefree and organised. The cut-resistant and water-repellent material the bag is made of and the hidden zips & pockets keep your belongings safe while you are on the move. Bobby Hero is also a very convenient backpack with features like an integrated USB charging port, illuminated safety strips and a luggage strap.

Inside are padded compartments for a 17" laptop, tablet up to 12.9" and all your other belongings.

The backpack is made of rPET (recycled PET bottles). Registered design®.